Sunday, January 31, 2016

FUL-SA-Love Life - Just for You!

Hello friends!

Hope you're still enjoying the kit this month. There is so much gorgeousness we can make with these papers. Riddersholm Design papers are off a beautiful quality.

For the Flying Unicorn - Small Arts Kit I made 2 different cards.
 While at Prima-Art Venture we had the pleasure of getting taught a class by Frank Garcia. He has a great technique to work with shells and I'll outline the process below.

Get your assortment of shells and give them a dry coat of gesso. Don't over paint them. It will take too long to dry, and you also don't want to loose the colors complete of your shell. Let dry.
The second step is to paint your shells with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle paint - Clear rock candy. It's best to let this dry on its own and it will create a wonderful crackle. 
When completely dry it's time to use Frank Garcia's new Artisan Powders. They're new and I have no doubt Alda will bring them in the store soon. They come in 3 colors. I used the black and umber. With a brush you mix both colors over your shell and when you think it's enough you polish your shell, The powder highlights the cracks. Giving it a diamond like effect. 

After finishing the preparation on the shells I was ready to start with the card. The Riddersholm Design papers Newport have a nautical theme so quite fitting don't you think. The card itself is not that difficult. Besides the base I cut a mat. The kit also included 2 pieces of watercolor paper. I sprayed some Color blooms we got with the kit on my crafting mat, used one of the small Stamps to spread a controlled splatter over that piece of paper. I totally admire those ladies that do all of this splattering out of hand. Most of my splattering I prefer to do a little bit more controlled. For the background I added some 13@rts sand, Now it was time to assemble the flowers and shells. Voila!! The title was colored with the same ink. A classic looking card, with an added bit of something.

For the second card I used the from from one of the Prima-Everyday Vintage Printables. I liked the little bird and wanted it to stand out. From one of the other papers I punched out a strip giving the idea of a banister. 

The flowers from the kit were used to embellish with some added Prima - Floral trim. My favorite metal die to make some leaves a bow ribbon and we have our second card.

 Thank you for looking! 

Below the list of used products: 
Tim Holtz - Distress Crackle Paint - Clear Rock Candy
Prima Gesso
Prima - Color Blooms
Petaloo Flowers

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